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Video: Outfits for Making Magic Happen

When I think about it, the core reason why I decided to transform my wardrobe over 2 years ago was really to make some big changes in my life. Although I was interested in fashion, I didn’t know how to make it work for myself; I was fashion conscious – but confused. Fast forward to today and, sure enough, my life is totally different.

However, sometimes I still need to make some additional big changes in my life. And the best way I do that is by creating some really original outfit creations. Check out these 4 outfits I’m wearing this week to help me make some magic.

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Crafting a Great Look is Like Making Lasagna


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Style Camp: 4 Sessions

Price: $697.00
by Nicole Longstreath

Style Camp: 4 Sessions

Price: $697.00
by Nicole Longstreath


A great wardrobe is good.

A wardrobe which helps you literally “wear” your amazing personality is even better. Why? Because – and this is really simple – when people like you, the things you want in life tend to fall into place a little easier.

That’s called influence. It doesn’t mean everyone likes you (although that’s not bad if you can get it), it just means you have a dedicated base of people who are rooting for you.

Look, I know you. You are not someone who phones in life. You want to have influence in your life – maybe even fame.

But here’s the big rub.

Getting dressed everyday is, at it’s essence, communication. You’re literally telegraphing to the world the person you are with your clothing and mannerisms. Mom may have told you it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but the truth is that our lizard brains are barely advanced enough to believe that. We size each other up instantaneously – that’s why first impressions count.

However, if you could master fashion, how much greater would life be? You could wear exactly what you wanted to wear, look how you wanted to look, have confidence and influence.

Here’s the big secret that holds so many women back – they think “mastering” fashion will be 1.) expensive and 2.) only for someone fashion-obsessed.

Wrong. Mastering fashion is just like any other hobby or skill; you may learn how to make great lasagna – but it doesn’t mean you’re obsessed. Sure, you’re going to create a Pinterst board for killer lasagna recipes, look for alternate cheese blends to put your personal stamp on it. Or, maybe instead you work at perfecting a classic, old world lasagna.

Whatever, it’s your lasagna. But it doesn’t have to mean you’re obsessed with it.

So, back to influence.

The key to getting what you want in life is confidence. You can have your amazing confidence without a wardrobe you love. It’s like playing the lead in a Broadway musical without the right costume. Nobody’s buying it, least of all you.

So, let’s reclaim your image. Believe me when I tell you that having the exact wardrobe is possible for anyone who wants it.


VIDEO: It’s Time to Get Comfortable

For two weeks I’ve been talking a big game to everyone about getting out of their yoga pants and wearing real clothes! That was before last week.

In addition to producing my first webinar, I’m also launching another digital product. So, for three consecutive days last week, I woke up promptly at 6:00 am without an alarm, and I abbreviated my beauty routine so I could get to work as quickly as possible. I was on a mission to be super-duper productive – but I knew that I couldn’t let myself phone it in with yoga pants.

When I’m wearing real clothing, even if it’s just a new t-shirt, I feel way better than when I’m wearing something I might also wear as pajamas. To be in the right mindset of running a business, I need to feel as legit as possible – and I can’t feel legit when I’m wearing stretchy pants, a sports bra and a Target-special ribbed tank.

So, for this week’s outfits, I’ve planned some looks which are both super-comfy and totally legit.

If you missed my webinar, you want to watch it now! I break down all of my secret shopping shopping hacks for busy gals like you. However, it’s only going to be available until May 15th. So don’t miss it.

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Good Girls: Dresses Inspired by Mom

Scan 1

Mother’s Day is coming up, and it’s the perfect time to reflect on how your mother influenced you.

If you’re reading this, I’m fairly certain your mom was at her most fashionable sometime between 1965 and 1985. That’s me and my momma on the left there. She’s rockin’ a pair of double-knit polyester “slacks” in brown and a drapey floral blouse.

My mom’s a great lady, but was never a fashionista. Not every mom is meant to be your style muse, and that’s okay.

During our mothers’ fashionable hey-day, there was an ever-changing list of influencers and inspiration – just as there is today. In the post-segregation late-60s, there were Kennedy wives and mod model Twiggy. In the 70s, hippy-chic style collided with Studio 54. And, in the 80s, we idolized Joan Collins and off-the-shoulder Flashdance style.

So, in honor of moms (stylish, or not), I present to you a list of dresses that would make them proud. Even if a few make you think, “Ew! That’s so 60s/70s/80s!” keep an eye out for their distinctive qualities next time you’re shopping and try one on for fun.

good girls mom


If you happen to be in Orange County or San Antonio, don’t worry about slaving over a hot stove on Mother’s Day. Be smart and take her out for brunch! Check out my gal-pal Misha’s Fab Bites list of best OC and San Antonio brunches.

VIDEO: What I’m Wearing – Week 2

I hear it all the time.

“I don’t have time to plan my outfits – I just want to put on something comfy and go!”

I hear ya, ladies. We’re all anxious to start our day and we don’t want something like what to wear slowing us down. I get it; places to go, people to see.

But pre-planning outfits really is the key to starting your day on the right foot, I promise. It’s like a gift you give to your future self. If you already know what you’re wearing, there’s no decision to make. Plus, you’re going to feel super-confident all day because of that gift of an outfit you planned when you were feeling a little creative.

So, just try it for me if you haven’t already. Take some time today to plan just 3 outfits for yourself. Pour a glass of wine (day-drinking!) put on some songs you like and dive into your closet. Make 3 combos for times during the week when you know you’ll be seeing people in public.

That might be everyday for you, if you work in a corporate environment. If you’re a stay-at-home-mom and/or work from home, select outfits for days when you have meetings. If you don’t have any meetings this week – make some!

Good Girls: Margarita Inspired Couture

I’m not much of a fan of traditional holidays.

Christmas brings so much pressure to spend excess amounts of money on gifts. And what to buy for the people in your life? Take a random guess based on their gender and age.

Thanksgiving? Yeah, I can’t wait to cook all damn day so we can feel obscenely stuffed and strung out of tryptophan 15 minutes into our celebratory meal.

Instead, I like holidays which encourage gathering together with your friends for yummy nibbles and festive cocktails. Which is why I love the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day and, perhaps the most festive, Cinco de Mayo.

And, when it comes to yummy nibbles and festive cocktails, Cinco de Mayo is the bees-knees. On no other day can you stuff your face with nachos and drink endless margaritas with abandon – which is why I’m such a fan of this early summer celebration. Nachos and margaritas are what life is all about, kids.

So, to celebrate Cinco de Margarita (let’s just call it that from now on), I put together some of my favorite margarita inspired threads from across the internet.

What will YOU be wearing as you sip your sweet ‘n’ sour, tequila-laced nectar? Opt for something crisp; pair lime green with either white or black and add an accent color analogous to green (blue or yellow).


(Note: I did not create a nacho inspired collage. That would be weird.)

good girls margaritas


shopping credits: sheer striped blouse, green ankle trousers, snakeskin flats, espadrilles, necklace, dress, iPhone case.

What’s that? You want some dee-lish-ush recipes for margaritas? Check out my gal-pal Misha over at Fab Bites – she’ll get you set up with some of those festive cocktails we talked about.

VIDEO: What I’m Wearing

You know those mornings when you open your closet doors to get ready for your day and you’re less than inspired to create a great outfit? Sadly, sometimes they happen more often than others.

I have the cure for these days and it’s planning your outfits. It only takes a little bit of time, but saves so much hassle over the week. Check out my video below on my tips for planning outfits, as well as what I’m wearing this week.

Tell me below in the comments if you’re planning your outfits this week and what you’re wearing. If you’re not planning outfits, let me know what’s holding you back from it.

style therapyPS – I’m now doing mini-sessions called Style Therapy! In under 45 minutes, you and I will get to the bottom of your style conundrum. Via Skype, we’ll figure out some inspiration for your unique style profile and I’ll prescribe your next steps to make it a reality. Click here to learn more and book your session.

Why You’re Wrong About Jumpsuits


Shopping credits: purple Issa jumpsuit, print DVF jumpsuit, black lace and twill jumpsuit by Camilla and Marc

When I was in 3rd grade, I had a very memorable music teacher. I don’t remember her name, so for the purposes of this blog post, we’ll call her Mrs. White.

Mrs. White’s personal style can only be described as a poor man’s Dolly Parton. She wore a giant, blonde, football helmet of a wig and her age was oddly indiscernable. She could have been a 60-year-old with very good skin, or a very eccentric 40-year-old. I had no idea. But, besides this, Mrs. White had a notorious personal style trademark …


I’m talking double-knit polyester, butterfly collar, zipper down the front and giant bell bottoms.

What you’re imagining as you read this is probably only half as hideous as I remember it to be. So, it wouldn’t surprise me if, when I mention the word “jumpsuits,” that a visual image similar to what I just described is what most people think of.

In fact, when I mentioned jumpsuits in a previous post and a friend shared it on Facebook, this is how a sampling of her friends reacted.

“Is this an April Fool’s thing?”

“I would have to be forcibly held down to wear a jumpsuit.”

“Jumpsuits don’t look good on anyone, unless you’re a double zero.”

“There’s not enough money in the world to get me into a jumpsuit.”

Wow. Ladies, allow me to clear up some misconceptions.

First, banish from your mind the image of anything from the mid to late 70s – although there is certainly some very sophisticated inspiration to be gleaned from this decade. Baby steps.

Second, jumpsuits DO look good on a range of sizes. Let’s try to let go of the idea that only very tall and thin women can wear fitted garments. You’re a woman, you’re SUPPOSED to be curvy! Garments for you are SUPPOSED to accentuate your waist and make it look proportionately smaller than your hips. No one is going to be offended by your curves. And, if they are, you have my permission to tell them to go to hell. Seriously.

If you’re concerned about ass-coverage (isn’t everyone?), wear some Spanx.

Third, jumpsuits get you out of your comfort zone by giving you the platform to make an occasional fashion statement.

Listen, this is less about me proving skeptics wrong and so much more about me encouraging you to open up your stylish mind. This isn’t about jumpsuits – it’s about liberating you to wear something that excites you, because your destiny isn’t simply wearing the same thing everyone else is wearing. You, YES YOU!, have the right to wear whatever makes you feel great. And feeling great is more likely to happen when you’re wearing something uniquely different from everyone else.

Get out of your style rut. Stop looking like everyone else. Do something great for yourself. Take a risk in fashion, and you’ll take more risks in life. It’s what LIVING is all about.

And to put my money where my mouth is, a photo of me in a jumpsuit with all my stats (for the record, my size is an 8/10 – which is definitely NOT a double-zero):



Wise Words

be the boss


Wear whatever you want.

Be yourself.


Be the boss.

(PS – this was shared on Facebook as an image only with no link. Please contact me via the comments below if you know the source.)

A Confession About My Closet (Back to Basics)

Dear readers, a confession …

Things have been a little whirlwindy lately. It’s been amazing, don’t get me wrong. But I’m truly exhausted. And, when I’m exhausted, things start to slip. Like the state of my closet. More specifically, as of last week, I had entered a state of complete disorganization. For example:

que horrifique

Yes, it was pretty horrifying.

As you know, I prefer to organize my closet by garment type; instead, it was a garment free-for-all. Clean laundry was piled up in the bottom of my closet (the worst offense, in my opinion), and shoes were strewn all over the house.

What was more horrifying was that I had started to also slip back into some unfortunate, familiar patterns. Do either of these seem familiar to you?

  • Having “nothing to wear”
  • Wearing the same combos over and over

So on Saturday, after a long week which included driving back and forth to L.A. on a Friday, I put the smack-down on my closet.




Finally, I could SEE what’s in my closet and the love I have for my wardrobe came back.

But, the best part was that my mind instantly began pairing up separates into outfits. Those same (safe) combos I’d been wearing just weren’t working for me anymore, and it was time to mix things up.

Since I believe in working with what you have before you go buck-wild at South Coast Plaza, I’m going to set the example and spend the next three weeks planning my outfits in advance (like I teach my clients to do in Style Camp). It will be the perfect atonement for letting my closet go like I did.

Also, over the next three weeks, I’ll be sharing my outfit creations with you … via video! You’ll be able to see the logic (or lack of) behind putting together great combinations everyday. I can’t wait to share it with you!

A few other things I can’t wait to share …


Until next time, ladies!

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