Hi, I’m Nicole Longstreath and as chief style mentor at The Wardrobe Code, I help modern, professional women find supreme confidence by teaching them to build wardrobes around their authentic, signature style.

I do what I do because I believe any woman can create a wardrobe that helps her fulfill her destiny.

In 2010, I embarked on a radical experiment to transform my image. Using an unusual strategy, I rebuilt my wardrobe which resulted in something I never could have expected: profound confidence that changed my life, not just my style.

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Siobhan Barnes
Founder, The Neon Life Society

Working with Nicole has given me more confidence in expressing who I really am and what my business, The Neon Life Society, is all about. Whether we like it or not, people still judge a book by its cover and so it’s important to look smart and professional. But beyond that, it’s about having fun with fashion and being confident expressing who you really are. And that’s exactly what I got working with Nicole. Feeling and looking “put together” impacts the quality of my work and how I show up and working with you has made me feel ready to rock it in my business.


Stacey Harris
Host, Hit the Mic Podcast

Working with Nicole was a powerful step in taking my brand to the next level. As I was expanding my work to speaking and really putting the pieces of my brand together it occurred to me that I had a total disconnect with my clothes. Nicole was able to put together a personal brand that translated my online brand to my wardrobe. It makes preparing for a speaking engagement or work travel a breeze because I’m really clear on what I want to take with me.


Shenee Howard
Brand Chemistry Expert,

I can’t begin to describe how things have changed for me since I decided to take the plunge and invest with Nicole. I got rid of most of my clothes and now have a simple, sleek wardrobe that makes it so I ALWAYS feel like I have something to wear. It feels great to have clothes that fit, feel good and are comfortable. Before I’d just grab whatever fit and looked OK and now I always have a plan and know exactly what I am looking for. I am not into gurus but Nicole is my go-to person for not just fashion but learning how to show up the way I want and really be confident in what I am wearing. HIRE HER!

The Secret to having great style…

has nothing to do with clothing.

Before you can have all the confidence, presence, and poise that comes with a fab wardrobe, you first must believe you’re worthy.

Click here to learn the 7 beliefs that will set you up for building amazing style.

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